THE NOVELS in The Park Trilogy

Though many readers believe The Park Trilogy to be based on actual events or people, in fact it is pure fiction. If you like mystery-thrillers by Michael Connelly, Lee Child, John Lescroart, and Harlan Coben you should be able to get into THE PARK TRILOGY.


ISBN 9780983832904


Sacramento Police data expert Mallory Dimante refuses to give up on her long-lost brother. So she lies her way into the new Ongoing Investigation Division and attaches herself to two cynical detectives. Hoping to blow open an unsolved child-killer case, Mallory sparks a frenzy of activity when she discovers evidence that the perpetrator may still be at large.


With her legwork taking her to a dilapidated amusement park, it stuns the determined woman when she uncovers a trail of clues leading back to her brother’s disappearance. And after another child vanishes, she remains no closer to stopping the fiend…


Can Mallory unmask the murderer, or will they all end up in a shallow grave?

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ISBN 9780983832928​

CRIMSON PARK is the second in the 'Park' trilogy, featuring detectives Mallory Dimante, Stan Wyld, and Jake Steiner  of the O.I.D., the On-Going Investigation Division of the Sacramento police department. Following their spectacular success in solving California’s worst serial killer case, Sacramento’s cold-case division detectives find themselves the toast of the town. Anxious to move on from the rampant publicity, they take on a simple missing person case.

But their search for missing Hollywood film director James Marston pitches them headlong back into the malevolent world of serial killer Ruby Everheart - and into the lives of the killer’s last intended victims, Michael and Jessie Cooper – who unknowingly possess a secret that will ensnare everyone in a deadly game of cat and mouse with an evil far worse than Ruby Everheart.

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ISBN 9780983832935


ANGEL PARK, the final book of C.J. Booth’s Park trilogy, is an edgy thrill ride to a heart-rending end that no one will see coming.

Detectives Stan Wyld, Jake Steiner and Mallory Dimante struggle to unravel the mystery of the murder and dismemberment of Hollywood film director James Marston but all they find are more mysteries…

Why has Anna Chase, an eleven-year-old middle-schooler living in a small town in New Jersey, seemingly partnered with Ilsa Pokovich, a 50 year-old California felon, to commit murder…

Why has the original detective on the Olive Park case remained quiet all these years…

And why does the answer to everything seem to lie in a stuffed bear rescued from the burned-out trailer of serial killer Ruby Everheart.

What Wyld, Steiner and Dimante find propels them back into a treacherous and dark past. It shakes what they think they know about who they can trust and who they believe. And it forces them into a lethal showdown, protecting Michael and Jessie Cooper…and themselves, from Ruby Everheart’s terrifying teacher.

Angel Park crackles with insistent, heart-stomping energy as it plummets toward a conclusion that will exact a devastating human toll on one of the three detectives of Sacramento, California’s cold case division. It is Wyld, Steiner and Dimante’s ultimate test, for the depravity of serial killer Ruby Everheart pales against the evil they must now confront.

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