THE NOVELS in The Diamond & Stone Series

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        17 year old Alison Adams zipped herself into her prom dress and finished the final touch up on her salon-coiffed French wave when she heard her date’s knock. As her mother had long promised, she would remember this night, her Prom Night… forever.

Checking herself in the floor length mirror, she took a deep breath, practice smiled and opened the door.

Alison Adams never saw the person who threw the acid.


          A scarred and disfigured Alison Adams begs Private Investigators Mallory Dimante and Jake Steiner to solve the seemingly unsolvable cold case. Claiming her life has been ‘gratefully reborn’, and that she only wants to find and forgive the person responsible.

Sympathetic but wary, Dimante and Steiner reluctantly agree.

However, as their investigation propels them back to that very prom night and the backstabbing turmoil of high school, they find their hot looking senior from Wayland High, had been a wickedly ‘busy’ girl.

In fact, Dimante and Steiner’s investigation stirs the pot of high school jealousy once again, exposing all who hated her and all who had an illicit relationship with her. Until it finally puts Alison Adams face to face with the original perpetrator.

The only certainty when the two meet is that there will be one more brimming vial, in the hand of one not quite sane.

Either someone is intent on finishing what they started ten years ago…

…or someone is determined to exact revenge for a life ruined.

Award-winning author C.J. Booth’s mystery thriller sizzles with skin-searing tension and explodes in a harrowing and unforgettable ending.


The leading candidate for the Presidency of the United States is being blackmailed for a sexual scandal involving a minor.


But the blackmailer is way out their league and is running for their life and has now hired Private Investigators Mallory Dimante and Jake Steiner for protection.

It comes to an explosive end when Mallory Dimante has a one on one showdown with the most powerful person in the world.

And history will forever be changed.

 Kindle and  Paperback


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