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AAnd  now the perfect Young Adult story... for all ages

The Whizzzer Series
Book 1

Book 6 in the Diamond and Stone series

14 year old Jessica Cooper is the perfect child


She has an ideal life living with her brother, Michael, and uncle and cousin on a thriving Arizona cattle ranch. She has a boyfriend who worships her.  And recently she was named Young Artist of the Year in a national arts competition.


The perfect child. 



An old man has been poisoned in the middle of the night.

A body has been found in the scorching Arizona heat propped up against a fence.

Everything points to perfect fourteen-year-old Jessica Ann Cooper.


And now Jessica Cooper has disappeared.


Private Investigators Jake Steiner and Mallory Dimante are about to find out how disturbed the teenager is when, from out of their past, Jessie Cooper and her brother Michael come crashing back into their lives, threatening not just Jake and Mallory’s lives but that of their infant daughter too. 

Because perfect Jessie Cooper carries with her a secret even she knows nothing about. It is a twisted secret that involves a lawyer who isn’t one, a rookie detective on her first case, and a hidden diary that reveals what should never be revealed.

And when Jessie resurfaces, this deadly secret will drag Jake, Mallory, and their child into their own personal hell.

The real question is whether Jessie Cooper is perfect or…

… perfectly crazy.


The mystery thriller in The Diamond & Stone Series, "The Seventh Reel" about the Kennedy Assassination

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Recently Published

The prequel to the events of Olive Park. What really happened to M and Jessie that night?

ParkTrilogySet_AUD rev w narr.jpg

The Park Trilogy

The Olive Park Murder was their first Cold Case...what they didn't know was solving it would be just the beginning.


The Diamond & Stone Series

Mallory and Jake leave Sacramento and the cop's life behind them. However, murder and mystery follows in their wake.

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