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I'm the author of OLIVE PARK, CRIMSON PARK, and ANGEL PARK. the complete set of Mystery-Thrillers in The Park Trilogy and now the DIAMOND & STONE Mystery series.

OLIVE PARK The first book in The Park Trilogyfollows the detectives in Sacramento's fictional On-Going Investigation Division, and was named one of the Top 5 Mysteries of 2012 by the Reader's Favorite Awards. In addition it not only won the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction at the 2012 E-Lit awards but was also named the Best Mystery of 2012 by the Global E-Book Awards.

CRIMSON PARK the second book in The Park Trilogy is part riveting police thriller, part spellbinding mystery and continues the intertwining stories of the detectives of the OID with the two near-victims in OLIVE PARK, 14 year old Michael Cooper and his six year old sister, Jessie.

Rife with stolen identities, two-faced witnesses and headless torsos, nothing is as it seems in Book 2 of the Park Trilogy.

ANGEL PARK the third book in The Park Trilogy crackles with insistent, heart-stomping energy as it plummets toward a conclusion that will exact a devastating human toll on one of the three detectives of Sacramento, California’s cold case division. It is Wyld, Steiner and Dimante’s ultimate test, for the depravity of serial killer Ruby Everheart pales against the evil they must now confront. What Wyld, Steiner and Dimante find propels them back into a treacherous and dark past. It shakes what they think they know about who they can trust and who they believe. And it forces them into a lethal showdown, protecting Michael and Jessie Cooper…and themselves, from Ruby Everheart’s terrifying teacher.

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CJ Booth Author of Award Winning OLIVE PARK

"A thriller with an endlessly twisty plot and plenty of lingering questions for a third book to answer." -Kirkus Reviews


" A solid, entertaining, and unnerving series ending.
-Kirkus Reviews

Winner of Best Mystery of the 2012 Global E-book awards, Olive Park is a chilling mystery about a child-murderer on the rampage. In 1997, the bodies of three slain children were found in shallow graves in Olive Park, California; fifteen years later, the cold case is reopened, and the evidence reveals that the monster responsible for Olive Park has continued to kill, and threatens new victims even now. A devious and twisted contemporary novel, Olive Park is gripping and horrific, and will leave the reader with chills to the very end.
(Reviewed by Carl Logan for MBR, Jan 2013)​


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