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The Park Trilogy


Olive Park, California - the bodies of three children are found buried in shallow graves, brutally murdered. One of the most intensive investigations in California history fails to find any trace of the killer and the case goes cold. 


15 years later - the newly formed Ongoing Investigation Division, charged with closing cold cases, is handed as its very first case – the unsolved Olive Park Murders.  


Detectives Stan Wyld and Jake Steiner, together with assistant Mallory Dimante, are stunned when their investigation turns up a chilling piece of evidence that proves Olive Park is not just a cold case about three dead children. 


For the twisted killer of Olive Park has never stopped and has already chosen its next victim.  


"A robust start to a planned trilogy; readers will welcome back the OID trio in future installments." - Kirkus Reviews

Winner: BEST MYSTERY - 2012 - Global e-Book Awards

Bronze Medal: Popular Fiction - 2012 - e-Lit Awards

TOP 5 MYSTERY of 2012 - Reader's Favorite Awards

Stolen identities, two-faced witnesses, and headless torsos are up next for the cold case division.


Following their spectacular success in solving California’s worst serial killer case, Sacramento PD Detectives - Stan Wyld and Jake Steiner with I.T. expert Mallory Dimante - find themselves the toast of the town.

Anxious to move on from the rampant publicity, they take on a simple missing person's case. But their search for Hollywood film director James Marston pitches them headlong into the malevolent world of serial killer Ruby Everheart - and into the lives of the killer’s last intended victims, Michael and Jessie Cooper.

The two kids unknowingly possess a secret that will ensnare everyone in a deadly game of cat and mouse with an evil far worse than Ruby Everheart.


"A thriller with an endlessly twisty plot and plenty of lingering questions for a third book to answer."- Kirkus Reviews

"CJ Booth has done masterful work of weaving the plot of Crimson Park into the thread of its antecedent, Olive Park. The story flows along at a quick pace, buoyed by CJ's colorful, expressive writing style. Like any successful serialized art form, Crimson Park doesn't tie up all the loose ends of the plot, but leave you eagerly awaiting the final installment of the trilogy." - D.F. Lindley


Detectives Stan Wyld, Jake Steiner and Mallory Dimante struggle to unravel the mystery of the murder and dismemberment of Hollywood film director James Marston but all they find are more mysteries:

Fingerprints point to a seven-year-old girl, 3000 miles away, as his murderer…a phone call comes from a man long dead…and, the two Cooper kids suddenly vanish.

Angel Park crackles with insistent, heart-stomping energy as it plummets toward a conclusion that will exact a devastating human toll on one of the three detectives of Sacramento, California’s cold case division. It is Wyld, Steiner and Dimante’s ultimate test, for the depravity of serial killer Ruby Everheart pales against the evil they must now confront.


"A solid, entertaining, and unnerving series ending."- Kirkus Reviews

"Suspenseful and twisty story with strong characters full of sass and bravery. People who do whatever is necessary so that their evil is conquered.." - Michaelene Noel

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