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About Me

Following years spent in a variety of careers, C.J. published the mystery-thriller series The Park Trilogy, which leads off with Olive ParkOlive Park received the Bronze Award in Popular Fiction (2012 e-Lit Awards), was named one of the Top 5 Mysteries of 2012 (Reader's Favorite), and was awarded Best Mystery of 2012 (Global e-Book Awards). 

He followed up The Park Trilogy with a short story collection, including the Pushcart-nominated "Relentless".

His second mystery-thriller series, The Diamond & Stone Series, follows Jake and Mallory from the Sacramento PD to life on the waterfront in Seattle.

My Story

C.J. grew up on the East Coast, gradually moving West until he hit the other coast. He has found success in numerous careers including Film and Video Production, Real Estate, Custom Specialty Railing, and now Writing.

C.J. has been fortunate to study with, and be schooled by, so many accomplished authors and teachers - Judith Guest (Ordinary People), Rebecca Hill (A Killing Time in St. Cloud), Christopher Short (The Black Cat), Gary Braver (Tunnel Vision, Skin Deep), Elizabeth Engstrom​ (Lizzie Borden), and screenwriting with David S. Freeman ​(Beyond Structure).​ 

When he's not in front of his computer writing, he enjoys watching movies, golfing, traveling, and spending time with his wife of 40+ years, Elizabeth, and their children and grand-children.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect:

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