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The Diamond & Stone Series


Pretty 17-year-old Alison Adams never saw the person who threw the acid in her face.

Now, ten years later, a scarred and disfigured Alison is back, begging Private Investigators Mallory Dimante and Jake Steiner to solve the seemingly unsolvable cold case. Claiming her life has been ‘gratefully reborn’, she only wants to find and forgive the person responsible.

Dimante and Steiner’s investigation propels them back to that very night and the backstabbing turmoil of high school, stirring the pot of high school jealousy once again, exposing all who hated Alison Adams and all who had an illicit relationship with her, until….

… they put themselves and Alison Adams face to face with the original perpetrator.

A phone rings at 5:07 AM in a Seattle houseboat;

a man, wire-bound to a kitchen chair, is discovered in the ruins of a burned-out house;

a woman, sexually abused when she was a young girl, names a Presidential candidate as her abuser;


and a naïve landscape gardener, relentlessly pursued by hit men, holds the key to it all.


What started as a straightforward missing person case for Private Investigators Mallory Dimante and Jake Steiner now has them racing to work out the connection between these events. When they do, they find themselves locked in a scheme to blackmail the future President of the United States.


The instructions for the job were simple. And for Mallory, they were ideal. Attend a will-reading. Observe the heirs. Report back their reactions. It had to be a female investigator, to blend in, the letter had said. And the expenses were all prepaid.


Until… Mallory Dimante goes missing.

She and partner Jake Steiner had been warned about the vindictive fervor and irrational devotion of the followers of Honorable Honey Stern, the former Presidential candidate, but time had passed. 

Yet hate doesn’t die in those scorned. And the Widow Black has guaranteed Mallory Dimante’s wedding day is one she will live or die to regret.

Michelle McNamara and her ten-year-old daughter, Linda, are stopped on a lonely Oregon road. It is their first, and last, mistake.

Linda begs her mother to go, to drive, because in the harsh moonlight, she has seen something...someone beside the side of the road. And now whoever or whatever it is, has reappeared behind their car. Within minutes Michelle McNamara is gone; and the evidence of what happened will be locked inside the only witness, young Linda McNamara.

Ten years later, young woman claiming to be Linda McNamara, walks into the Seattle office of Diamond & Stone Investigations. And the tale she tells embroils Investigators Jake Steiner and Mallory Dimante in a bizarre, baffling, and terrifying trip into a world rife with masked identities, clandestine cabals, and the dark, nearly abandoned, tunnels of Seattle’s underground. 

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